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HR Strategy & Development

We can assist you in all aspects of HR planning and policy development. Whether this be individual policy reviews, staff handbook review or development, or an overview of the HR strategy planning process. 

Company policies, procedures and employee handbooks constantly require updating to keep up with corporate image, business cultures and employment law changes. Therefore we can assist from initial design and production of your company's policies and procedures, or review your current documents and advise on amendments or changes. 

We can offer training to your managers and staff in the people management issues and the employment law requirements covered by your policies and procedures. 

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HR Strategy and Development Workforce Window

" Your role as the lead HR Business Partner during our transformational change project has been valued by both senior management and also by the trade unions. You have worked in a professional manner and have integrated the work you have done with the operational HR team. I know that should I need to create additional capacity in the future. within my service, I would be more than happy to ask you to return."

Helen Gibbs
Head of Group HR for Adult Social Services and Housing and Children Families - The London Borough of Sutton

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