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Recruitment & Selection

Poor management and poor recruitment in the UK costs the economy a massive £12 billion per year. This can amount to an average of £7,750 per person recruited to your company. It's acknowledged that people are a company's most expensive resource, so to ensure you get the right person for your company we can assist you from the outset. 


We look at the unique selling point of your company, assist with advertising, the design and production of job profiles, assist with applications, shortlisting and interviewing, right through to offer stage. 


We do not beleive in placement fees, like an employment agency, you just pay for our expertise during the process of assisting you to select the right person for your company. 


We can provide advice on retention, looking at turnover, exit interviews, what is available to your employees and what you could offer, or change. 

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Recruitment Service Workforce Window

" Joanne Harding has provided solid, reliable and robust advice and guidance through a variety of difficult issues. Besides standard HR advice, she has demonstrated excellent knowledge and skills around recruitment policy development, disciplinary procedures, investigations TUPE and procurement. I have no hesitation in saying that without her advice and guidance we would have had difficulty negotiating the past few years "

Dr Phil Moore
Senior Partner - Central Surgery & Chair of London Region of the National Association of Primary Care

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