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Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning Workforce Window

" Workforce Window is an excellent source of support and guidance for us. They have contributed greatly to the development of our HR department and their guidance in the creation of new policies and staff handbook has been impeccable. They also provided expert training in our middle and senior managers. They are always prompt in responding to our needs and clearly demonstrate a wealth of knowledge within HR and recruitment. I feel they are an asset to our organisation. "

Tracy Pritchard Drummond
Managing Director JANCETT Childcare & JACE Training LTD

Workforce planning is key to ensuring your staffing levels (both now and in the future) reflect your service and business plans. We will assist you in:

  • Reviewing your current workforce, looking at vacancies, turnover and profile of your workforce

  • Examine the planned business/service developments over the next 3-5 years

  • Estimate workforce needed, including assessment of what skills, qualifications and experience you currently and will require from your workforce

  • Review Cycle - set up priorities and timescales for you to review on an annual basis

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